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Annaya can speek different spiritual languages (lemurian, atlantic, Maya language, the language of fire and another) and she can write magical symbols telling different creatures which work they gotta do for you. You can use signs for several times and some of them constantly.


​Signs' magical writing is drawn up for the next themes:

- develop in the subconscious of your strengths and the activation of your personal power
- transforming your consciousness to heal deep-seated problems
- conversion of the karmic experience on the subconscious level to get free from the outside negative impact (which as a rool is a consequence of flaws in karma)
- improvement of the spiritual growth and unlocking a new spiritual and magical potential for yourself

And also the themes told by angels and your mentors to ???


The activation of signs is a creation and uncovering of its full information and the energy to your subconscious.

The activation of signs is doing by yourself or Annaya:

To activate it independently you should feel every single sign, its energy and see the reflection of this energy in your subconscious. In order to do it you should catch those thoughts and feelings which come from the sign during the visualization. Also you can access the channel through the signs and ask for specific development of your points to which you'd like to draw the attention of the Higher Power.

During the activation with Annaya she asks the Higher Power to develop some of your points by herself, and in parallel supervising the correctness and completeness of the deposit of this information into your subconscious.This is a full-fledged magical work with you through signs, cause Annaya looks at everything and asks for a full development of those aspects that she can see.
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