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Hair as a Bridge to Another Dimension.
Whether It Can Be Cut.

Hello, everyone! Recently I've learned very interesting information about the magical properties of our hair on the subtle dimension.

It turns out that hair reflects your system of internal boundaries and protection from negative thoughts and actions of others. At the same time, the length of the hair has a completely opposite effect than we were told about.

When a person is sent a spell, evil eye or envy, then on the subtle dimension it looks like someone pulls his hair. That's why many women fight like this. We, ladies, are magical creatures by nature. By the way, negative is expressed just the same on the teeth. Teeth begin to hurt and crumble if someone wants to turn your life in the opposite direction from the one you want, that is, to spoil the fate.

In the case of the evil eye and envy usually they tear the hair on your head and get close to your magical world this way. Hair is like a connection between your consciousness and the magical dimension, it has magical power. However, the shorter the hair, the more difficult it is to get a person through them. Yes, we do not fully understand the magic properties of our hair. Hair reflects our power in another dimension, but do not create it. We feel magic through our hair, but we don't lose power if we cut it off. But for enemies it's easier to get people with long hair than with short ones, (of course, regarding the magical world and not everything in a row). That's why sometimes when people are depressed or in a bad state they cut their hair short, as if to protect themselves from attacks this way. Perhaps that's why for men cut their hair, so that magical women do not get them through it. Long hair is still an attribute of a very peaceful life, during the war it needs to be constantly cut.

In any case, you need to put magic protection on your hair, so that you are not touched through them, and then your psyche will be more safe and calmer.

Also, in the case of people's aggressive attitude towards you, you can remove their thoughts through your hair. Clean them energetically, brush them with sun rays and put up fairy defenses, and your inner psyche world will immediately blossom.

Through the hair, you can also see the person's thoughts. Just mentally stroke a person's hair and you will grant him a lot of success and happiness.

At the same time the effect extends to the dyed hair too. Although it's not this good as on the nature hair, but nevertheless, magic works in this case too.

Send more love to the hair of the most pleasant to you people and you will help them in many ways, as well as learn their thoughts and how to get closer to them. A good recommendation for women to get to know the men with whom she communicates better.

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