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Magic of Sound Control. The Vibration of Your Life!

Hello, everyone! I've been making a lot of discoveries about sound magic lately. Sound can reconstruct the body and change the structure of many energies, including the perception. And due to this, I return to a lot of basic knowledge that we've known for many centuries, but we didn't perceive it in such an interesting way.

Have you ever wondered why a conductor in the orchestras uses a stick to direct music? It seems to be easier to show tones and sound waves with the help of a wand. And if you think about it, you'll understand that this wand is like a magic guide that controls the whole element in the form of a sound. But everyone sees their own notes and directs their playing according to the conductor's wand. As in real life, every being has its own sound and the conductor is able to guide these symphonies in the right direction. That is, you can play the music of your own life! This is essentially the magic of controlling the element of all living things' vibration which builds the matter around us. The conductor's magic is so ancient that it has become something common in our life today. The most powerful magic as a rule is already a part of our everyday life for a long time.

Now imagine that you are the conductors of your life, your body or the environment. To do this, imagine your body as an energy and a symphony orchestra of different sound lines (energy is a sound, so imagine your energy as songs of different sounds combined into one). Together all of them represent a single symphony, so imagine how you conduct and control this symphony by aligning it or harmonizing it. So you can put together all your parts through vibrations and internal music, as well as you can heal, clean, disable negative structures, and etc. that is restored with the right vibrations of your body.

Be a conductor of your body and the environment's orchestra, and you will learn how to harmonize and to control the tones of reality around you. This technology will help youto get rid of many diseases, to align the frequency of the body, to ground you're energiey, to harmonize the situation or terrain, and much more that sound is capable of (and this is almost everything).

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