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The Heterogeneity of Gravity! Or Understanding of the Laziness!

Hello, everyone! I continue to share interesting facts and my discoveries.

Recently, I have a very strong question about the understanding of laziness and The Earth's gravity. How do these concepts relate to each other? They are the same.

We used to believe that laziness is something like a disease that a person gets sick and can't get rid of it, or that it's a consequence of a great depression and unwillingness to self-realization. But in fact, the origin of laziness has a much greater depth. Or rather, it's caused by isolation from the Earth or from your native home.

The heaviness in the body together with the unwillingness to do anything arise from the increased gravity of our planet. And if you haven't guessed yet, the planet's gravity is different for each person. Those who have it stronger often indulge laziness in actions and prefer a sedentary lifestyle, while those who have less gravity prefer to move more.

In fact, the uncontrollability and ambiguity of gravity determines the state of laziness. However, it should be divided into two types, the first is a physical one (actions) and the second is a mental type ( what we refer to as depression and limitation, the lack of desire to think and develop). Gravity affects physical laziness, and mental laziness is affected by the movement of the space and time sphere. However, space and gravity are nothing more than a clear definition of your location, that is, it's the concept of how much a person is close to where he belongs to physically and mentally.

However, if you want to become more active, it's not always enough to move to another place or to change the conditions of your life in order to experience a change in gravity. Sometimes the human body actually needs the gravity of another planet. It very often relates to people with genomodified bodies, that is, the alien genome in their blood. There are a lot of such people in different percentages. This part of a human DNA atrophies in the conditions of alien gravity on the planet Earth, but this doesn't mean that it can't assimilate ( however, in a natural way, it may take hundreds of years of genome evolution and assimilation on this planet).

In most cases, such people have atrophy of their physical capabilities and a significant increase in mental and perceptual ones, that's why such people are often say that they are off the ground and fly in the clouds. This is a feature of their genetics, and not a problem of character.

Due to the fact that gravity is different for each of us, we can be physically active in different ways. If you try to consciously control the gravity in your body, it'll bring you closer to the ability to levitate, and this is facilitated by the lungs and the proper breathing system. That's why doing exercise and physical activity often makes the gravity easier for us — we develop our lungs through breathing. But it isn't necessary to do this only through physical activity. Generally, it's enough to catch the feeling of a flight (in any conducive environment: mountains or altitude) and develop the breathing system.

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