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Unconscious Consent to Magic Contracts and Connections.

Hello, everyone! I'd like to tell you about one nuance of magic techniques because of which it often happens that you have certain connections, or there is a conclusion of a magical contract. Returning to the faculty of the Cosmic Jurisprudence and aspects of concluding contracts with various dark powers, I'd like to tell you about how often a person's ignorance is used to impose a completely different life on him.

Did you know that many magical contracts, including energy contracts, are signed automatically based on your feeling of guilt? For many channels and energies, it's enough to make you feel guilty about what they suggest or tell you, and this will mean your automatic consent. If you're guilty, then you agree to everything! According to this principle, very often parents put their children into their life line, giving them a repeat of their problems or even worse, hanging their shortcomings on children and making their life worse.

Therefore, many connections and changes in our fate and karma occur automatically without our informed consent only because we have formed a wrong opinion about the situation and its understanding. This is how "unconscious contracts" are made.

That is why it's very important to figure out everything that you don't understand, and what causes you a storm of emotions. Put everything in its place and determine your personal opinion about it! This is the principle by which ORION's justice works.

The tool for evaluating and forming opinions is given to us in order to make us aware of our place and responsibilities in this world, and not to label someone or help the system to destroy those who are unwanted for them.

Seek to make up your own opinion in everything, think for yourself and, most importantly, never feel guilty without justifying it properly. Just one misunderstood emotion is enough to destroy a half of your life! Try to be more aware in your reactions, thoughts and feelings.

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