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How to Remove Hypnosis without Facing It. Work with Programs of Your Subconscious.

Hello, everyone! In this article, I want to tell you how to deal with hypnosis or suggestion, which you have written in the body as a behavior program or as a model of the lifestyle.

If you imagine your thinking as a set of different images... That is, tune in to your imaginative thinking, then you will find yourself being in different stories and images and some of them are frozen and stand as if rooted to the spot. So, some images in your mind just don't move. These frozen images that are impossible to shift like if they were made of stones are those moments in which you have been subjected to hypnosis. You can also use my standard technologies to ask this structure what it stands for and what kind of thought it supports and then you'll be able to find out what a stamp on your psyche you have. And you'll notice at once that it's extremely difficult to remove such an idea, and even understanding and philosophy will not help you here.

Many of you have faced such a problem as the inability to remove a particular program inside of you while working with energies. A suggestion which can't be removed completely by any techniques, or removed extremely difficult, and it takes a lot of time. These are hypnotic settings that can't be removed. Not because they're difficult to work with, but because you're under its hypnosis. It happens that very often people don't even see such programs and structures inside, and they avoid it in every possible way. If it's prescribed in hypnosis that there is no such program, then you won't see it. At the same time, another person can see this structure, but its carrier doesn't notice it in any way.

Hypnosis is the most difficult thing to work with, but, in order to remove it, it's not necessary to put a person in the hypnotic state and go to a hypnotherapist ( although I don't exclude this). You can work using independent methods as well. I have a lot of technologies for detecting and removing hypnosis from yourself without going into it. I've partially talked about it in various videos, and I have a whole faculty of magicians-warriors dedicated to this topic. But in this article, I'd like to give you one more addition that I discovered quite recently.

You can imagine your abstract thinking as pictures, some of them move, and some of them stay still. These fixed pictures are the aspects of hypnosis. They stand still like stones. You can use standard technologies to ask for information where these aspects are. Hypnosis is not deduced by logic or feelings, it's simply destroyed just the same as stone statues. You can even imagine it as stone or crystal sculptures in order to make this technique simpler. Even if you try to work with a professional specialist, these programs-statues will also be destroyed with the words like this. That's why other technologies won't help here, but everything that destroys and breaks these stone sculptures in your subconscious will work very well.

Hypnosis can only be destroyed, it's not supplied to the logical understanding. This is the main lesson you need to understand in order to be able to deal with it. Classical awareness and understanding isn't enough to solve this problem.

Don't forget that hypnosis is used in any black magic, and also when the person connects to the matrix through his parents and relatives.

So, let's clean our minds from unnecessary hypno programs!

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