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Sound Wave. Water Magic.

Hello, everyone!

In this article I'd like to tell you a little about water magic that affects our bodies and minds.

As I've already told you, all living beings communicate underwater using sound waves. But you don't know that sound waves have a density and can create physical objects. With a help of a sound we can create grids or blocks that make up objects or storylines. That's why the magic of snakes as aquatic creatures at the first place and other amphibians is so strong. This type of hypnosis is literally able to create an alternate reality that you could even feel. So people start to get confused with their feelings and sensations. But the most important thing is that this magic can create an alternative illusory world. it's like VR. Actually, the same technologies affect our vision and make us see or not see other physical objects.

As you've already understood, it's possible to get out of these illusion emotional states and sensations only through reverse sound waves. Usually, when you work with energies, you imagine light and solar energy, this is the most common form of an impact. But you can also imagine sound waves of a different nature coming from you, just imagine your thought as a sound wave and direct it to the problem area, whether it is your or someone else's energy or a physical event.

You can also use sound waves to create networks or whole objects that mix different energies. This is the most important technic of both magicians-warriors and magicians who build destinies.

Try to work with a new type of energy and you'll see how you begin to give in to a lot of things that previously were not open to you.

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